The History of the Sportello

The Federazione dei Cricoli Sardi in Svizzera has always paid great attention to Sardinia’s economic assets and its development. The Federation tailors its activities with the aim to promote the value of the Sardinian territory.   After a careful consideration and planning, the Federazione received the final approval by Sardinian authorities to launch this ambitious project directed at sardinian businesses called: “Sportello della Sardegna in Svizzera”.


The Project “Sportello della Sardegna”

The project is aimed to facilitate the access to new economic markets for Sardinian firms which are already well established within Sardinia but planning to expand to the Swiss market and potentially to the international scene.

Innovative ideas, unique and original products and services are excellent characteristics of firms which possess the ability to attract the interest of foreign investors.

The Sportello project also addresses to young entrepreneurships, starting-up and looking for growth opportunities.