Concerned about the faith of the Sardinian economy, the Federation is supporting the project to shake up and reactivate the Sardinian companies and activities, thanks to a direct link between Sardinia and the Swiss economy.

Sardinian companies will be able to access the international market and expand their business with the financial support of the Regione Sardegna, other Sardinian Clubs around the world and the assistance of expert consultants in taxation and legislations.

The main Goal of the project is to showcase Sardinian companies to the global market and make their products and services easily accessible.

Another important objective is to create partnerships and bilateral relations with foreign investors. Successfull projects could ultimately stimulate and expand the current Sardinian economy and improve the overall employment situation.

The Sportello strategies are designed to create more opportunities for small business owners with the aim to develop and valorise the Sardinian territory and its characteristic products.