Olio Ozzastrera

The farming business, Giovanni Maria Nieddu, was created in 2007, following the trail of a longtradition of olive oil production.  Whilst creating a tight link between culture and nature, our main target is to preserve, promote and innovate an environmental heritage that is passed on from generation to generation. The final product, our olive oil, unveils the fragrance of the wild grass that dresses and colours our land and is characterized by a hot and bitter aftertaste that reminds us of the flavours of the wild cardoon, of the dandelion, of the artichoke and of the fresh tomato.

During the years, the company has pursued a constant policy of improvement of both the craft and the business outcome, as demonstrated by everything that has been achieved on a regional and national basis as well as internationally.

In 2013, Ozzastrera’s oil was awarded the 1st place and the title of ‘Diamond Point’ in the prestigious national contest known as “Ercole Olivario”. This is a fundamental milestone for the company and an extraordinary achievement that allowed the company to cross the national borders and to enter the international oil production market.



Azienda Agricola  Giovanni Maria Nieddu

Via Stazione 49 08011 Bolotana (NU)

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