Joias: made in Sardinia
The “Joias”, Gioie di Sardegna trademark was founded on the idea of bridging the gap between the micro-realities of craftspeople working with gold, textiles and pottery on the island of Sardinia, and the “marketplace”.

Tapestries, rugs, bags, scarves, ceramic tableware and decorative objects, all carefully, skilfully “Made in Sardinia”. The brand “Joias” stands for innovation and is synonymous with quality. The brand guarantees recognition for craftspeople as well as upholding traditional Sardinian artisan workmanship. Most of the Joias products are hand-made, using techniques and know-how which have been passed down through the centuries.

 joias logo

Ancient artisanship and careful, skilful hands create Joias products. These are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way, using natural dyes, the family loom or local clay, coupled with elegant, contemporary and creative design.