Il Salto del Delfino

Salto del Delfino’s company was founded in 2002, the company produces and distributes theater and offers courses in theater education and expressive workshops in theater and theater-social.

The company caters for many years special attention to children’s theater and contemporary theater featuring their own shows at schools of various kinds and levels, in the municipalities, libraries, social centers and various public bodies.

Under the artistic direction of Nicola Michele, who trained at the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts in Cagliari and specializing in three-year training at the school of theater and theater-directed by Walter Orioli in Milan, and at the Venice Biennale with the Master Argentine Ricardo Bartis The Company participates in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011 with the show “Masses Man,” co-produced with the company theandric Nonviolent Theatre. It is selected for the Romateatrofestival in 2005 with the show “Aurita the flowery earth” and lands in 2010 to the final phase of the award “theater in.corto” in Cagliari with the show “Long live the king” from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In last July, the company has been a guest at the OFF Festival of Avignon in 2014 with the show “The Prince and the Rose”, with great success with audiences and critics. Also recently, with the play “The Comedy wine” was the star of a tour in the capital, visiting the theater House of Culture in Rome.
The artistic direction runs in a research expressive contemplating the various performative languages: from theater to dance, clowning, with the mix of visual and sound installations and recalling anthropological characteristics and natural elements. The basis of their work, there are very often the original writings and continuous experimentation on gesture and movement.
In 2011, 2012 and 2013 organized the festival for children “Teatranti Briganti”.


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