Cantina Arvisionadu

The Arvisionadu estate, located in Benetutti, in the heart of Sardinia, was created in 2006 and cultivates the rare grape variety Arvisionadu as well as Cannonau and Sangiovese. Our wines have a distinct personality which reflects the purity and the terroir of the land.
G’Oceano is a fine varietal wine, obtained from the autochthonous Arvisionadu grapes. It is gold in colour, with a superb fruity and floral scent and it is velvety on the palate. It is the perfect wine to pair with seafood.
Burghera is obtained from 80% Cannonau and Sangiovese grapes, blended with Cagnulari and Syrah. It is a deep ruby-red wine, dry, full bodied with an intense floral aroma. It is the perfect wine to pair with red meat and cured meats.

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