Olio Ozzastrera

The farming business, Giovanni Maria Nieddu, was created in 2007, following the trail of a longtradition of olive oil production.  Whilst creating a tight link between culture and nature, our main target is to preserve, promote and innovate an... link


A tour/trip in Sardinia reveals its real beauty if organized and accompanied by a prepared travel consultant and local guides of www.costasmeraldaservie.com / www.sardegnaguide.it ! "I am a swiss-sardinian Travel Consultant and Touristic guide... link

Sardinia Magic Experience

“L’Isola che Vorrei…” is a cultural association set up by a group of young Sardinian people committed to enhance the cultural heritage of Sardinia and promote local history and traditions.   “L’Isola che Vorrei …” est une... link

Cantina Arvisionadu

The Arvisionadu estate, located in Benetutti, in the heart of Sardinia, was created in 2006 and cultivates the rare grape variety Arvisionadu as well as Cannonau and Sangiovese. Our wines have a distinct personality which reflects the purity and the... link